Life Members

To be eligible for life membership, a person must:

  1. have held continuous membership with the Association for at least 7 years (unlessextenuating circumstances exist); and
  2. demonstrate exceptional service and contribution to the Association.

As per the constitution, nominations for life membership must be proposed by 2 members of the General Committee and be accompanied by a written summary of the reasons for nomination. The nomination will be presented at the Annual General Meeting and requires a 75% vote to elect the nominee as a Life Member.

SDTA is proud to have 13 life members:
  • Neil (Molly) Collins
  • Jenni Collins
  • Robyn Maynard
  • Renata Fortini
  • Lisa Williamson
  • Peter Murphy
  • Vicki Murphy
  • Charles Soord
  • Carolyn Pettit
  • Greg Maynard
  • Karon Boston
  • Ron Connolly
  • Pat Elshaw
  • Craig Boston